Bedtime Obsessions


Who doesn’t overthink when they put their head on their pillow. I know only one living person who does that (and that being not overthinking, so by “does” it means he “does doesn’t overthink”…..I think I’m overthinking this!); it literally takes him seconds from the time he lays in bed to the time he starts snoring; I have shared a bed with that individual. Our relationship was purely platonic. However I am of the belief that many – if not most – tend to get several ideas as well as think of many thoughts when they lay down to get forty winks.

Another thing that happens is you get your best ideas when you’re horizontal and your head is fondling a pillow. Amazing ideas just happen to bombard you as you become the most intelligent and creative person since you the night before. And here is where it happens. The biggest lie we tell ourselves: “I don’t have to take note of this amazing idea now, I’ll do it first thing when I wake up.” Well, the only thing that you do remember when you wake up is that you had had an amazing idea. What the content of that splendid idea was, no one will ever know.

This past paragraph is an amazing example of tangential thoughts that occur in my head. These tangents also happen when I need to sleep. However going back to overthinking and not going to sleep, I present to you the next paragraph.

For me counting sheep doesn’t help. I only get obsessed with sheep and start thinking about them. I try to direct my thought but several times these thoughts take a detour and go back to being intrusive and obsessive in nature. Other times they just detour into normal thoughts that don’t come to me except when I freaking want to sleep. The following is my brain activity at 5:28 am on Saturday the 27th of the Ember month Dec.

“I dislike social norms. I have been thinking, why is it that kids get gifts on Christmas.” I started thinking of a future situation where I had kids of my own (I will be having ten kids and only keeping my favorite three). I thought I can simply not let that norm dictate my life. I can simply not get them presents on Christmas. Then i started thinking about society, mainly their friends at school and other parents. Other parents abiding by these norms will ruin it for me and make me look bad in front of my kids as well as myself. My not getting gifts isn’t out of parsimony (I love big words and I cannot lie) or not loving my children. I have a very logical explanation as why not to get my kids presents on Christmas. As a kid I have been a victim of several social norms (note that victim here doesn’t have to be in the negative sense). Each year I got gifts and toys and things I wanted. As I grew older this ruined Christmas for me. It stopped being about the essence of the holiday. It stopped being about the family, music, lights, decorations, and all festive non-material events that occur. I stopped getting that beautiful, cozy, warm, fuzzy emotion I used to get on the ride home from school at the start of the two week vacation.

This past paragraph should not have happened. What should have happened instead is this whole post not existing and me being in an amazing state of sleep.

Anyway, I’m writing this post as I have my head on a pillow and trying to sleep. At the same time I have noticed how hard it is to type like that. Wait! I have just got an amazing idea on how to solve this problem. All you have to do is…….OH MY GOD….here we go again!

That was a piece of my mind, wishing a peace of mind to you all.



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