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  1. Maria · November 29, 2015

    Hi raja ive been diagnosed with ocd im suffering from ot for 2 years…got on prozac then switched to cipralex after delivering my baby due to postp depression…now trying to get off from cipralex slowly to 10mg..bcz of its zombie like side effects…having back some sode effects….im very worried …scared…depressed…no one is beeing able to help me and im very passive in my life…living with no purpose…. how dd u get oit of it.???..
    Ps: ive watched ur show yest on future.


    • rajasabra · November 29, 2015

      Maria, can you message me on Facebook or whatsapp because I have a lot to ask first…. And don’t worry you will get out of it… You know my number right? Waiting for your message dear


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